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Raising Money for Fostoria Rail Park

Here are my suggestions to raise money for the Fostoria Rail Park.  I sent them to the Fostoria Rail Preservation Society and I was told that they were presented to the Society at a meeting October 23, 2008. 
1.  Contact  This is an international, very busy web site that is dedicated to the promotion of railfanning.  The owner is a very reasonable young man and if he were approached to put some type of announcement on TrainOrders, I would think a lot of railfans would gladly contribute $5, $10 or even more money for the park.
2.  Contact http://www. , http://www., http://www. and http://www.  These are all very well known sites for posting railroad pictures and the owners or web masters may very well put an announcement for us to solicit money for the park.
3.  We could make a web site specifically dedicated to raising money and actually have some type of monetary barometer (like United Way has) to show the goal of money we need and the amount we've collected.  I would be happy to created and even host such a site at no cost to the Society.
4.  We could sell shares in the rail park, which would have no value, but would be printed up like stock shares in a railroad with the contributor's name on the certificate. Perhaps for a donation of $50 or higher, one may purchase a "share" in the rail park.  This idea came from Jim Schlegel . . . thanks Jim!
5.  Trains Magazine could be contacted.  They have done very nice articles about Ohio in general and Fostoria specifically. In fact, many come to Fostoria because of the articles in Trains Magazine.  They may very well be willing to put an announcement for maybe 6 to 12 months to help the Society or at the very least, charge a nominal price for such an announcement.  Believe me, many, many people read this magazine worldwide.
6.  We could also contact Railpace magazine ( as many also read this fine publication.
7.  Contact Railfan & Railroad magazine (
8.  Could CSX and NX be approached to make a donation with the idea that a rail park would keep people off and away from the dangerous tracks?
9.  We could contact the C&O Historical Society ( since the old C&O mainilines run through Fostoria.  They may not be able to contribute, but they may mention our efforts in their publications and at their meetings.
10.  We could do the same with the B&O Historical Society (
Does anyone have any other ideas?
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