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Fostorai Rail Park
Fostoria Rail Park

What can we, the railfans, do to assist in building the proposed Fostoria Railpark? At present, the State of Ohio has designated a grant of nearly $840,000 (I don't know the exact amount) with the catch that the Fostoria Rail Preservation Society has to raise the balance of $1 million by the end of 2010.  That time will pass quicker than we expect, so what can we do to help?

I have several ideas that I'll list later, but I'd like to hear your ideas.  If we don't do something, the money will never be raised.


Smokin Joe Moniker
by SmokinJoe
7/19/2011 8:13:22 PM
Raising Money for Fostoria Rail Park
Here are my suggestions to raise money for the Fostoria Rail Park.  I sent them to the Fostoria Rail Preservation Society and I was told that they were presented to the Society at a meeting October 23, 2008. 
1.  Contact  This is an international, very busy web site that is dedicated to the promotion of railfanning.  The owner is a very reasonable young man and if he were approached to put some type of announcement on TrainOrders, I would think a lot of railfans would gladly contribute $5, $10 or even more money for the park.
2.  Contact http://www. , http://www., http://www. and http://www.  These are all very well known sites for posting railroad pictures and the owners or web masters may very well put an announcement for us to solicit money for the park.
3.  We could make a web site specifically dedicated to raising money and actually have some type of monetary barometer (like United Way has) to show the goal of money we need and the amount we've collected.  I would be happy to created and even host such a site at no cost to the Society.
4.  We could sell shares in the rail park, which would have no value, but would be printed up like stock shares in a railroad with the contributor's name on the certificate. Perhaps for a donation of $50 or higher, one may purchase a "share" in the rail park.  This idea came from Jim Schlegel . . . thanks Jim!
5.  Trains Magazine could be contacted.  They have done very nice articles about Ohio in general and Fostoria specifically. In fact, many come to Fostoria because of the articles in Trains Magazine.  They may very well be willing to put an announcement for maybe 6 to 12 months to help the Society or at the very least, charge a nominal price for such an announcement.  Believe me, many, many people read this magazine worldwide.
6.  We could also contact Railpace magazine ( as many also read this fine publication.
7.  Contact Railfan & Railroad magazine (
8.  Could CSX and NX be approached to make a donation with the idea that a rail park would keep people off and away from the dangerous tracks?
9.  We could contact the C&O Historical Society ( since the old C&O mainilines run through Fostoria.  They may not be able to contribute, but they may mention our efforts in their publications and at their meetings.
10.  We could do the same with the B&O Historical Society (
Does anyone have any other ideas?
Fostoria Rail Park
by Kevin Tucker
7/3/2009 3:10:13 PM
A Brit Who Visited Fostoria
Note: This is a post from my dearest friend, John Macleod, a loyal British subject who lives in Grimsby, which is about 2 hours northeast of London.  I have dragged this poor guy to Fostoria.  John works around trains and although I always thought that he didn't like trains, he was kind enough to take me train spotting in the UK and go with me to Fostoria.  Many of you have met John.  Wes
My dear friend Wes said that I John Macleod in his Uk site that I disliked trainspotting.  That is not strictly true.  I do dislike British trains because I find them so boring.  There is not a lot of variety in our Diesel engines or our rolling stock (is that the correct word in the US, I don't know) -- Wagons, Freight, Coaches, these are words we use in the UK.

Wes on a few occasions dragged me off to watch American trains and being the great the friend I am, I felt obliged.  He thinks I did not enjoy it, but I found it facinating.  I never really told him that because you can take friendship so far, he is a absolute train NUT!, I am not.
American trains have so much character, so much variety, they are incredible.  The length of them I found awsome, I always counted the number of stock that was being pulled and even pushed.  Maybe in this country if more freight was put back on to rail we would not have such congjested roads

I was once a train fan, in the age of steam.  Now there you had a variety, with the number of different wheel configarations.  We had the different companies with their different livery, it was great.  I remember as a boy watching trains from a bridge standing there as they passed underneath with the great billows of steam enveloping us.  What a sooty mess we were when we went home, it was well worth the spanking.  Good memories!

What about this new steam train we have the Tornado?  I can't wait to see it.  Check it out on You Tube. , pKxU&NR=1  and (Admin note:  when you watch the first video, note all the train spotters at the station!)

Wes has created a great web site with doctrains.  I am sure there is a number of NUTS out there to look into it.  I had the pleasure of meeting a number of them, they were all great guys, not forgetting the ladies.

Bye Folks.
John Macleod

Welcome Friends
Welcome friends

Welcome to my new web site!  This is going to be fun.  I've wanted to share my pictures for years, but didn't know how to do it.  After a friend of mine made this site for me, I can now share my pictures, have forum discussions and do all sorts of things.

Watch the Home page for News for announcements.  Please leave comments on the Forum.  Have fun and thanks for stopping by.

Wesley Shankland (Ferroequinologist)



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